Chapter 2

“Time flies over us, but leaves its shadow behind.”
– Nathaniel Hawthorne

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For those who've been following the brand since its inception in 2015, you may have noticed our social media silence, no eCommerce functionality on the website, and a lot of other signs indicative on a business that is no longer functioning... and that is what we were for a while. 

For a while there things were pretty slow, finances were fairly low and it made me question whether the label was sustainable as a business. Motivation and excitement was low too. And all practical decisions aside, I had deeper questions about my own aesthetic, moral implications of selling leather products and thoughts about sustainability and environmental responsibility.

As some say, sometimes silence is needed most by those who are the busiest. I wanted to take some time off to reassess my own design sense, my vision for the label, and more importantly how I can provide fashion conscious women in India access to shop without feeling guilty about their footprint.

Nothing is perfect, but with Chapter 2 of Devika Bharadwaj (that's what I'm calling this phase here) I have tried to incorporate all the handmade goodness that our shoe elves can create with vegan materials to the extent possible and still retain its versatility. 

What I've really enjoyed playing with in the new collection has been the incorporation of ethnic elements in the Ananya and Leena pairs. The Valentina and Alenna mules have been somewhat created and targeted specifically for working professionals, keeping a more formal yet feminine approach in mind. Lastly, with the Tina sandals, I really went to town thinking of the perfect desk to dinner shoes. Subtle yet loud enough to make an entrance. 

What I also wanted to further add in this collection was extra comfort, and so you'll notice an additional foam lining inside all our uppers to ensure great comfort when you wear the shoes.  

Here's hoping to an successful stint in Chapter 2. I'd really love to have any feedback and/or suggestions for the label so please feel free to leave some in the comments below. 

Shoe love, 

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