Here's how to measure your shoe size

"It's not about the size you wear, but the way you wear your size."
- Anonymous

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Getting the shoe size right is important not only because how it can make your feet look, but also because wearing the wrong size of shoes can affect your feet, the way you walk and your posture as well. 

More importantly, knowing your correct foot size will help you get the right size of shoes at any store and from any brand, regardless of which part of the world you are in. 

So here are 4 simple steps using which you can know your exact shoe size. 

  1. Place your foot on a sheet of paper 
  2. Mark the outline of your foot with a pencil 
  3. Then measure the longest distance from the tip to the heel 
  4. Voila! You have got the right shoe size

Here are some FAQs on shoe sizes that should further help you in your hunt for the perfectly fitting shoes:

Q. Why do I need to measure my shoes? I am a size 6 and always have been. 

A. You must have noticed how different brands have different sizes. The last (mould) on which a shoe is made differs for each brand, and in a shoe - every millimeter matters. Therefore to get the best fit and to avoid the hassle of getting shoes exchanged, it's best to know your shoe size in centimeters/inches. 

Q. My shoe size is 6 for one of your designs and 7 for another. Why so? 

A. Shoe lasts vary for every design and style of shoes. The last for a pair of mule sandals will differ from the last for a pair of brogues or heels. Therefore, it is important to measure your shoe size and check it for each pair. 
We provide details for every pair in centimeters/inches. If you have measured your shoe size, you'll be able to accurately know which size you should buy a DB pair in. 

Q. My shoe size is right 6.5 - should I buy a size 6 or a size 7? 

A. Ah, this one's a common issue, and quite a pickle to be honest. There is no right answer for this, but it is recommended to buy a size up if it's closed shoes. However, with open sandals, you may still be able to pull off a size smaller with comfort. 

Have any more questions on shoe sizing? Feel free to ask us in the comments below! 

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