Leena - An exploration into ethnicity and comfort

"A mystery, 
she glides, not walks 
A beauty 
she breathes, like earth..." 

'Leena' is an exploration of India's cultural identity. Made using materials like khadi and the golden fiber - jute, it's set in nature and born of this land. 

leena sanskrit text mule sandals indian ethnic devika designer

The upper holds ancient sanskrit text (not religious text) so you can wear your culture with style and pride. It's unique as Leena not only matches with ethnic wear but also with western wear (and looks even better when worn with blue denim). 

The little heel has been added to give it a formal feel and is covered with jute fabric - which really enhances the fabric. Jute has been used since the third century B.C. - its usage and creation much of India's culture and history in each fiber. From gunny sacks and ropes to shoes and mats, its uses are endless. What makes jute even more lovable by us is that it's 100% recyclable and bio-degradable... that's why we even use it in our packaging (during non-rainy months). We'd love if you find ways to reuse that jute rope on the packaging too. 

Leena_ khadi shoes_ jute_ handmade indian sandals_ devika bharadwaj

Leena, like all our shoes, has been handmade from start to finish, and involved around 5 shoemakers who are skilled at different tasks to complete it. So for instance, one karigar will only cut the upper, while another is an expert at attaching the sole to the insole. 

Utility and practicality is one of the top priorities for our shoes. This shoe is cruelty-free entirely, so while its upper is khadi and heel covering jute, we've used a man-made leather on the insole to ensure comfort and no slip. The sole is made of rubber - which is perfect for Indian roads and allows good grip.

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