What's in a name?

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet."
- Shakespeare 

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Many have asked why our shoes have a name and what is the inspiration behind each.
"Is there a meaning behind it?" 
"Do you think of the names before you design them?" 
"It's. Just. Shoes. नाम क्यों देना है?" 

Just a few such questions have come our way, and I'd love to address these all.

Names hold a lot of significance and I strongly believe that they embody a person's, or in our case, a shoe's personality. You see, every time I think of a new design or collection, I imagine who'd be wearing it... What's this girl like? How does she walk? How does she like her shoes? Do they reflect her taste? Is she conservative or rebellious? Does she like wearing heels she can run in or does she like mixing up a western dress with an ethnic pair of juttis? 

...And then I imagine what she's called. 

From the formal and chic Valentina to the rebellious and bold DeeDee, my shoes and their names reflect their personality. Hopefully you find one that projects your personality and your aesthetic in fashion and dressing. 

So when they ask "what's behind a name?"
Let's say, "A LOT." 

Shoe love,

P.S. - Have you ever liked the name of any of my shoes? Tell me in comments below. 

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