1. My shoes are a little tight. What can I do about it? 
    If your shoes are just a little too snug for comfort, we recommend wearing them at home with socks. It will help with stretching the shoes. If the shoes are slightly tight, wear them at home with socks. Alternatively, try stretching them. This will help in making them comfortable for wear more quickly.

  2. How do I know which shoe size from your collection to select?
    Each product page has a shoe size chart of its own. If not, please refer to this sizing chart for more info. 
    You can also read our blog post on how to measure your shoe size correctly.

  3. What sizes do you offer in your shoe collection?
    Our ready-to-wear collection includes shoes sizes in EU 35 to 41, subject to availability. The smaller and larger sizes run out quicker. 
    Our bespoke boots can be made-to-order in any size. 

  4. Can I exchange shoes from your website? 
    Yes. If you'd like to exchange your shoes for another size or pair, please send the shoes received at our address, and we'll ship your desired pair to you. of course, this depends on stock availability. Please do write to us on our email address for any exchange or return requests. 

  5. What kind of materials do you use for your shoes? 
    We use vegan materials like khadi, cotton and man-made leather. We also use silk and pure leather materials. 

  6. Leather?! Don't you think that's cruel to animals and horrible for the environment? 
    When the label started in 2015, as shoemakers and suckers for the art of shoe making, we could not ignore how important leather is to the shoe-making process. Furthermore, it typically lasts longer than vegan shoes given the durability of leather, and can last years if taken care off, thereby leaving you without a need to buy shoes more often. 
    However, over time and the need of the hour to support sustainable fashion choices, we have started using vegan materials for our shoes and have been doing so since the last 3 years. 
    Lastly, as a young brand, we are also trying to figure the best way to make shoes that last long, with genuine care for the environment at heart. If you have any recommendations or queries for us, please do send us an email at devikabharadwajofficial@gmail.com. 
  7. How do you ship the shoes?
    We use Professional Couriers for all shipments in India.

  8. I've placed my order for a pair of shoes today. How long will my shoes take to reach me? 
    The time taken for an order to reach you in India is within 2-8 working days. We can offer express delivery on request at an additional cost. 
    Delivery for bespoke shoes and accessories will be between 2-3 weeks. 

  9. Where and how are my Devika Bharadwaj shoes made?
    All Devika Bharadwaj shoes and accessories are handcrafted, designed and sourced in Mumbai, India. You can watch exactly how the shoes are made on this YouTube video
  10. How can I take better care of my shoes? 
    Here are a few easy ways to take care of your shoes and ensure they last long:
    1. Store them properly in a shoe bag or a plastic container 
    2. Don't wear the same shoe everyday. Alternate between shoes 
    3. Wipe them with a slighly damp cloth in case the upper is soiled 
    4. For fabric uppers, you can get the shoes dry-cleaned at shoe laundry in your city
  11. Where can I find your shoes offline? 
    Our shoe collection is available at SYNE stores in Goa at the following addresses: 
    - SYNE, Rua de Ourem, Fontainhas, Panjim
    - SYNE, Borda, Margao, Panaji 

  12. Where are you based in India? 
    We don't have a store of our own, but our HQ is in Wadala, Mumbai. Visits are welcome by appointment only. 

  13. I have a multi-designer fashion store and we'd love to have your shoes for our customers. How can we can get in touch? 
    For any stocking inquiries, please write to us at devikabharadwajofficial@gmail.com 

  14. I am an aspiring shoe designer wanting to launch my own label. Can you guys help? 
    Sure thing! We consult budding designers on starting their own fashion labels and can help manufacture shoes for you as well.